Kingbird Villas

Kingbird Villas is a planned Starlight Development project in the heart of the Caribbean. Designed to maximize each guest’s connection with nature, this project will set a new standard of environmental sensitivity and community value in the region. Connect with us if you’re interested in joining our team and playing a role in this project.
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Strategically located amidst a picturesque region, Southwest Haven Ranch boasts unparalleled panoramic views, providing an idyllic backdrop for an exceptional escape. Our luxurious accommodations seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings, providing a harmonious oasis of comfort and elegance. Choose from a selection of exquisite rustic-luxe cabins, each thoughtfully designed to offer the utmost privacy and serenity.
Meals are all sourced from our local gardens, you can celebrate the flavors of the area while enjoying panoramic views of the property. Welcome to a land where timeless memories unfold, inviting you to discover the extraordinary and embrace Southwest Haven Ranch's spirit.